A Short Reflection

It took me until our visit to Kinderdijk to realize that the Dutch have been winning at water management for centuries and continue to do so. They are all geniuses.

40% of the Netherlands is below sea level, yet, the Dutch see climate change as an opportunity to help themselves and help other countries with water management/resources. From canals and windmills to contemporary houseboats and tourism, they seem to have complete control of their water network.

When there is a problem the Dutch try to solve it head on, but also think about possible future benefits at the same time. Planning ahead is something many nations seem to leave out when issues arise. Not only  has the Netherlands reaped what they have sown, but they have taken into consideration possible environmental impacts when dealing with a rising population. This trip made me realize that it is completely possible to preserve and repair the environment, embrace urbanization, reduce harmful gas emissions by promoting cycling, reduce waste and be resourceful all at the same time.

I am overjoyed that I had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands with my classmates and continue my education while immersing myself in the culture and urban life of another country. I look forward to going back to the Netherlands and I hope that you enjoyed reading about my trip as much as I enjoyed sharing it. If you ever have the means or opportunity to visit this beautiful nation, I would absolutely recommend travelling here and expanding your horizons.


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