Day 8: The Hague, The Capital!

Den Haag (or The Hague) is the capital city of South Holland and is where the Dutch government operates from. On our last day, we visited the capital and even took a dip into the North Sea.

I really appreciated the cultural diversity in Den Haag, especially Chinatown (created after WWII) which was marked by beautiful archways. Storefronts were on the main strips while apartments were in alleyways.

We took a short trip into De Passage, an outdoor shopping mall that follows the road network, but restricts cars. We also went to the Dutch Parliament and Palace.

Before heading back to Amsterdam for our last night, we got to touch the North Sea and collect sea shells. There’s nothing like seeing the ocean stretching towards the horizon to make me acknowledge how big this world is and how many places I have yet to see.



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