Day 7: Windmills and Kinderdijk

What other way to travel to Kinderdijk, the village of windmills and dikes, than to take a waterbus? Kinderdijk is also a UNESCO World Heritage site that gave us insight into how innovative the Dutch can be.

The whole village relied on agriculture and water from its inception. The windmills still worked and we got the opportunity to walk into one of them. What was most interesting to me was what our professor, Dr. Atkinson, told us toward the end of our visit. Apparently, the Dutch were looking for ways to extract nutrients from waste water to reuse rather than follow the “dilution is the solution” wastewater doctrine. I though this was genius.

A few of us chose to spend the rest of our afternoon in the Cool District of Rotterdam shopping and speaking to the locals about what life was like in the city. The main shopping area seamlessly combined commercial with residential, and I got into some vinyl hunting and thrifting.


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