Day 5 (Part 2): The Kröller-Müller Museum

De Hoge Veluwe National Park also had two museums, and we all got the opportunity to see a Van Gogh exhibit and other installations at one of them.

The Netherlands is full of culture and history, and as a student that appreciates the fine arts and creative expression, I appreciated the pieces I had the chance to see firsthand in a country outside of my own.

Even the outside of the museum had a striking and inviting piece. The manicured green lawn was an amusing contradiction to the wild landscape that surrounded the museum, but in conjunction with the posters on the buliding and bright red piece outside of the museum, I knew that Kröller-Müller was something special.

We headed for the Van Gogh exhibit first and got to see some of his paintings and read about his early life.

The museum also hosted pieces by Mondriaan, Picasso, Van Der Leck, Toorop, and Schelemmer.

Museums in the city of Toronto are generally multi-leveled due to the unavailability of land in the event of an expansion. The Kröller-Müller Museum has the luxury of space within the national park and was all on one level. The Art Gallery of Ontario on the other hand, is near the heart of Toronto and has six floors in total. It was interesting to see the usage of space and interior design of the KM museum in comparison to the AGO, since I’m accustomed to buildings growing vertically rather than horizontally. I definitely appreciated that I didn’t have to climb any stairs.


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